Your lead-gen site should describe the services you offer in terms of the problems you solve.

The function of your site’s services page is to:

  1. Build potential client’s trust in your ability to effectively solve the problem(s) they might hire you to solve because it’s clear that, after looking at your services page, you have a mature, effective approach to solving their problem(s).
  2. Help a potential client imagine what working with you might look like in terms of how long it takes to get results, how much of their time is involved, and other important details about your services.
  3. Encourage potential clients to start a conversation with you about whether your services might be ideal for them.

At every turn I want to encourage you to, as Gary Bencivenga put it, “make your advertising itself valuable”. What if, after reading your services page, a potential client felt that they had learned something valuable? How much more would they trust you and want to hire or recommend you? A wonderful way to make your services page more valuable is to place a content upgrade at the bottom of your services page. The content upgrade would be for some sort of checklist, process description, or workflow document that describes in some detail how you solve problems for your clients. In essence, the content upgrade is a playbook for how you create results.

The page you are looking at right now will not be a part of your lead-gen site. Instead, you will choose one of the two templates below:

Template for Services Overview

If you want to describe multiple services at an overview level, use this template.

Template for Single Service Description Page

If you want to describe a single service, use this template.