[Company Name] Services

If you have multiple services and describing them all on a single page creates an oppressive wall of text, then consider the following alternate approach.

Create a /services page that overviews your available services.

  1. Approach overview: What problem do your services resolve? Who are your service best for? What unique approach do you use to create results? Why do you do things the way you do vs. alternate ways? Clearly and succinctly communicate the answers to these questions at the top of your services page. Avoid boring readers. 🙂
  2. Service summary: Summarize each service you provide in a few sentences and then link to a page where you fully describe that service in the way I recommend in Services Page Information Architecture.

Free pico-consult CTA w/social proof:  This should be a CTA to request or schedule a phone consultation. Do everything you can to define what specific outcomes/benefits the phone consultation will create. Feel free to 100% re-use the CTA from your home page.


Complementary Course Diagnostic [example for someone in the e-learning niche]

With 30 minutes spent looking over your course content together, we can diagnose the root cause(s) of poor learning and financial performance. After 30 minutes on the phone or Skype with me, you will:

  1. Understand why your course is suffering high abandonment rates
  2. Have a list of three or more ways to improve learner outcomes
  3. Know the biggest gap students experience in translating your course content into results
  4. Have a list of ideas for improving your course marketing

We’ll have to move fast, of course, to get through all this in 30 minutes but don’t worry, I’ll keep us on track. To receive your meeting agenda and scheduling instructions, enter your email address below and click the button.


The best 30 minutes I've spent on my business this quarter!

— Joe Smith, Companyname