Your lead-gen site should have either high quality, relevant blog articles or an educational resource center to build trust, attract inbound organic search traffic, and be a CTA destination for your outbound marketing efforts (like podcast guesting, etc.)

The function of your resources/articles page is to provide access to blog articles or other resources you’ve created. The purpose of this content is to:

  1. Demonstrate your expertise to potential clients
  2. Help potential clients “get to know you” by demonstrating your thought process, your specific approach(es) to solving your client's’ problems, and showing off your personality to your potential clients
  3. Impress potential clients by linking them to an existing article instead of answering each question as if it’s the first time it’s ever been asked
  4. Serve as a CTA for certain types of teaching activities.
  5. Attract high quality organic search traffic (This is listed last on purpose, because it’s the least important function) if you have a good lead generation strategy. You do have a good lead-gen strategy, don't you?

The page you are looking at right now will not be a part of your lead-gen site. Instead, you will choose one of the two templates below:

Template for Blog Articles Index

If you have a bunch of blog articles that don't necessarily relate to each other, use this template.

Template for Educational Resource Center Index

If you have a multi-part piece of content that works well as an education resource center, use this template.