If your website is not generating as many leads as you'd like for your expensive services, today is your lucky day

This lead-generating site template will change things for you


I’d like to help you build a web presence that does the following:

  1. Generates leads (email addresses of people who have opted in to hear from you) at every possible opportunity
  2. Builds trust with and demonstrates your expertise to site visitors
  3. Integrates with your larger lead generation system
  4. Is easy for you to build and maintain

For that reason, this template is different than a lot of websites you’ll see others using. That’s OK. It’s designed specifically to accomplish the four objectives above while ignoring other things some people think are important in a website and I do not.

This type of site is ideal for:

  • Someone who wants more leads and conversations with prospects
  • Smaller firms or a solo consultant, not for larger firms

If you are drowning in leads or a very large firm, then you will be better served by a different approach to your site.

Finally, this type of site is most compatible with a specific mindset. If you think of your services as a general-purpose input that can be applied to a very broad variety of challenges across a very broad range of clients, then you are thinking of yourself as a commodity and the web presence and marketing approach I recommend will seem strange and uncomfortable to you. If that’s you, don’t bother reading further--the website approach I recommend here will not match your mindset and I don’t have one that will.

On the other hand, the type of web presence I recommend here is a great match for someone who has a clear understanding of the narrow range of business problems where their technical skills create a strong ROI. If that’s you, onward!


This is optional, but I can’t resist asking you to do something I’ve done numerous times. It’s an extremely enlightening exercise:

  1. Go to this page: https://clutch.co/developers. Filter the search results to show you firms that have a similar focus to yours and change the sort to avoid having sponsored results rank first.
  2. Pretend you are your best client evaluating potential development partners for a project, and while doing that look at 10 to 15 websites of the top Clutch results.

After seeing 10 or more sites from the perspective of your client, what do you notice? What do you start ignoring or calling bullshit on or become annoyed by after you’ve seen it for the nth time? What seems like crappy boilerplate content? What seems lazy and unhelpful or self-centered rather than client-focused? What parts of these 10 or 15 sites actually build confidence or make you want to take action to learn more?

When I do this exercise, those 10 or 15 sites blend into a gray, undifferentiated blob except for the following:

  1. The firm’s client list. If there are known names on the client list, my “trust-o-meter” for that firm goes up a few ticks.
  2. Genuine thought leadership content. If the firm has published one or more pieces of content that are based on original thought or research, I really take notice.

OK, now you’re ready to create a web presence that avoids becoming part of that gray, undifferentiated blob.

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Philip Morgan made this. He hopes you will shamelessly copy it and thereby improve your lead generation results.